TRAVEL-ART-LIFE Creative Traveller: ISSUE 6 2018 – The ANIMAL Issue
the Dogs that Made Australia

In this issue: Travel We can’t offer you an animal edition without scoping out a suitable holiday destination for your favourite animal of all. Ever compelled to research the good and the great, Trev and Jenni Onn set off on a very important mission, to find a properly dog-friendly resort. Holidays with Dogs. Tropical Coast […]

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TRAVEL – ART – LIFE Creative Traveller : ISSUE 5 2018 – ASIA & ADVENTURE
Traditional clothing

In this issue: Travel Asia, vibrant and frenetic, where intense colours rule and food is hot, sweet, sour and spicy. Yum! Plus an off-track Mongolian adventure for those of you who like a different type of tour. And Keith throws out a challenge! Brave man. Singapore Where historical architecture and futuristic wonders exist in joyful […]

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Creative Traveller Issue 4 2018 – Cruise Special
Cruise from Sydney

In this issue: Travel The Big Lap – Part Four – Conclusion This trip of a lifetime had to come to an end eventually, but as Keith Trotter found, there are always a few special surprises in store when you’re on a road trip through the vast landscape of Australia. How to Catch a Cruise […]

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Magazine Archives

Welcome to the Archives So you want to subscribe but you haven’t done it yet and you want to read the magazine anyway. Deary me…We can’t have you missing out entirely. Just because we’re nice we are going to let you read the first three editions right here – Launch Edition – Christmas Edition – Autumn Edition    […]

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Summer Edition Highlights
Illustration Word Wings

Summer Edition Highlights. Book Design & Illustration. Read how it’s done by someone who does it for a living! What constitutes successful book design? Are you hankering to understand a little more about what it’s like to be a professional book illustrator? In this article, author Jenny Poulter interviews one of her favourite designers, Takara […]

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Christmas Special Edition
Christmas in Paris

The Christmas Special Edition. What a joy is Christmas. In this edition we continue the journey with Keith Trotter as he explores the rugged outback of Australia on The Big Lap. The Christmas markets of Europe allow us to frolic in the concept of a wintery, chilly Christmas like you see on cards, wrapping paper […]

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