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We can’t offer you an animal edition without scoping out a suitable holiday destination for your favourite animal of all.

Ever compelled to research the good and the great, Trev and Jenni Onn set off on a very important mission, to find a properly dog-friendly resort.

Holidays with Dogs.

Tropical Coast Retreat

Tropical Coast Retreat

Holiday accommodation in a hilltop sanctuary overlooking the beautiful Tweed Coast.

Pet friendly?

Oh yes.

Our dog Ellie was made very welcome.

Off-lead is the order of the day.

Enjoy our full review.

Ethical animal tourism

The Mindful Traveller

How to ensure your tourist dollars are not used as an excuse for animal exploitation.

Tourism is an important industry in the South Pacific and souvenir sales, ‘exotic’ food choices and animal experiences make up a large part of the tourism pie.

If travellers come across food products, souvenirs and trinkets made from animal products, shells or corals they should be aware that these could be from endangered or ecologically significant species.


Photography pictorial

“I’m JrodCaptures a 32 year old personal trainer, gym owner and self taught Landscape/Travel photographer on the side.”

“Once I turned 21 I went on my 1st solo travel adventure and have since worked overseas in 3 different countries and visited 32 countries in total.”

“I first got into photography about 5 years ago by wanting to capture and share my adventures using a GoPro.”

the Dogs that Made Australia

The Dogs that made Australia

What’s the story behind the book?

Best selling author Guy Hull generously shares his inspiration for this entertaining and insightful book, as well as his individual take on modern dogs as pets.

Thanks Guy!

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Creative Traveller Issue 6 The Animal Special