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Digital Advertising
You know your business needs it. Make a start today to connect your business to our online community. Our marketing team is at the ready to help you navigate the frontiers of digital advertising.  Let your people speak with our people to get it sorted for you right away. Email to submit a proposal.
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Invite a writer to visit your venue, destination or business. If your idea aligns with our upcoming features we'll contact you to make further arrangements. Email to submit a proposal.
Write for Creative Traveller
Would you like to submit an article? We look for articles that suit women and men with a sense of adventure, a creative spirit and a curious mind. Your writing style needs to be friendly, approachable and full of wit. Humour is welcome. Due to time constraints, we may not be able to provide feedback unless your article is of interest. Email to submit a proposal.

Collaboration Team

Meet the people who work behind the scenes to bring you the world.
Jenni Onn
Jenni Onn

Editor & Creative Director

Creative, detail-orientated, always focussed.

Trevor Onn
Trevor Onn


Have camera. Will travel.

Mark Dunbar
Mark Dunbar


Well travelled. Speaks several languages, including English.

Jennifer Poulter
Jennifer Poulter

Book Reviews

Published author & poet. Loves educational books for the young set and their teachers.

    Keith Trotter
    Keith Trotter

    Feature Series Writer

    Freelance writer and photographer. Loves classic cars.

      Jo Kunde
      Jo Kunde


      Artistic and multi-talented. Loves her ukulele.

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