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The Big Lap – Part Four – Conclusion

This trip of a lifetime had to come to an end eventually, but as Keith Trotter found, there are always a few special surprises in store when you’re on a road trip through the vast landscape of Australia.

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How to Catch a Cruise from Sydney

How to Catch a Cruise Sydney Brisbane

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Queen Victoria Building Sydney

How to Catch a Cruise from Brisbane

Moreton Bay Sunset


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Paintings on the page


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editor’s diary

Australia. The land down under. Maybe it’s really the land on top! The world’s songbirds are known to have evolved from Australian species so who knows what else originated here?

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As promised in this edition I’ve prepared a step-by-step outline of
how to catch a cruise ship out of Sydney, if you live somewhere else in the world, which most people do!

Follow this link to enjoy the whole beautiful shebang!

Creative Traveller Issue 4 The Cruise Special Q2.pdf

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