Travel. What constitutes travel? Is it taking your child’s hand and heading off to explore the wonders of the local park?
How about mooching about the rock pools at the nearest beach?
Well, yes. I think exiting the front door is all it takes to open up that spirit of adventure that gets us into the mood for heading off to far flung destinations, visiting our hot list of desirable regions and finally setting foot in that one place we’ve always wanted to go.
I could say, “I’ve been everywhere.” … Man. But it wouldn’t be strictly true. In fact it wouldn’t be true at all. But there aren’t too many places that are yet to feel the weight of at least one human foot.
Our launch issue showcases several of these dream destinations at the ends of the earth. Let us take you there now…
read on.
Art & travel. The Arts quotient warms up the strings of the musically inclined by investigating the joys of owning and playing a ukulele. This popular little instrument has it’s own festivals and there’s one coming up very soon at Brisbane’s Southbank Parklands.
One other art, as in, art, also has a feature for those who enjoy designing clothes. Fashion talented creative people get a helping hand with model templates to use as a starter for their next burst of fabulousness.
Life. Well, life can be about anything. It’s our wild card. So each issue will scan the horizon of that which is new, old, repurposed and maybe a little bit wonderful.
On that note, we have purloined the style talents of our Op Shop Style Queen and offer her insider secrets to jealousy-inducing sensational looks for any budget.
Contributors. For anywhere we have not been we have invited writers, photographers, foodies, artists and other contributors who have circled the globe more than once and as a unit we have been pretty much everywhere. So because of these wonderful people you can expect this magazine to look fabulous; be inspiring and be full of cool stuff you won’t get anywhere else.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao Tzu

That’s always been one of my favourite quotes.
So here’s to step one!
Happy Travels!